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Buyers Guide

Become a RigBag Member

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Your membership options

Becoming a member of RigBag is easy.

We have two types of membership: Standard Membership and a Premium Membership .

RigBag Benefits

As a standard member of RigBag you will have access to all our RigBag partners and peer-to-peer sales as well as standard Seller fees .

As a premium member of RigBag you will have access to exclusive discounts from our RigBag partners as well as exclusive Premium Seller fees .

By signing up as a member you will benefit from a quicker check out process and order tracking on purchases. Please note: we do not store any credit or debit card details.

How to set up your account

To create a new account, click here or Sign up on the homepage.

Setting up your membership account is simple; our 3-step guide will get you ready to start buying.

1. Go to Sign up and enter your first name and surname, email address, and choose a password. Please note your password must contain one capital letter, one special character & be at least 8 characters

2. Go to Address Book in My Account and enter your billing/Shipping Addresses.

3. Add Rublon for extra security. Rublon restricts access to your RigBag account to specific devices you allow (PC, Tablet, phone etc), so no unknown devices can access your RigBag account even if your password is compromised. Learn more at .

Once you have setup your account, you will receive an email detailing your membership options. You are now ready to go and explore RigBag as a buyer for all your sporting needs

Buying and paying for items on RigBag

You can search or browse the RigBag store and then purchase items from any of our sellers and partners.

The cost of products includes shipping to UK addresses. However, we are always happy to ship outside the UK and can provide a quote for this - please contact

RigBag uses PayPal, to give you the reassurance of a secure payment process. Don’t worry though, if you prefer to pay for your items using a debit or credit card, just select this option when you reach the PayPal payment page. Of course you can opt to use your PayPal account – you can choose whichever method is best for you.

RigBag offers you the choice to buy new or used items from peer-to-peer sellers and RigBag partners allowing you to purchase from multiple sellers in a single transaction. However, because you pay the seller directly, PayPal has a restriction on the number of simultaneous payment transactions. We recommend that you do not purchase more than 5 items in a single transaction, to avoid any issues at checkout.


How do I set up a seller account from my buyer account?

Log in to your account. Once you are logged in, go to My Account, click on Become a Seller found under the Marketplace menu and follow the Seller’s Guide instructions.

What happens if I want a product shipped outside of the UK?

The cost of products includes shipping to UK addresses. However, we are always happy to ship outside the UK and can provide a quote for this - please contact

What happens if my item doesn’t arrive?

If you have bought an item from an individual seller, contact them to find out the status of your item - you can find their details on their shop - see the Sellers list. If your purchase a new item, then contact the manufacturer - you can find the direct contact details here . If you experience any issues, then please contact the Rigbag team at

Why would I choose RigBag over other sites such as eBay and Gumtree?

Our fees are much lower than eBay’s fees. eBay charge 10% commission fee for their peer-to-peer sellers, whereas RigBag offers 8% for a standard membership and 4% for a premium membership. RigBag also offer a dedicated sporting community that know the true value of your items.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or query with

Please contact us on for any general queries or for any technical issues please contact - we will respond within 24 hours.