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Sellers Guide

Become a RigBag Member

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Your membership options

Becoming a member of RigBag is easy.

We have two types of membership: Standard Membership and a Premium Membership .

RigBag Seller fees & Benefits

As a standard member of RigBag you will have access to all our RigBag partners and peer-to-peer sellers. You will also have access to our Standard seller fees :

- Free Membership

- Unlimited listings

- Free photo uploads up to 1MB

- Introductory Offer No listing fees for the remainder of 2014

- No additional listing fees

- 8% of final value fee including p&p

As a premium member of RigBag you will have access to exclusive discounts from our RigBag partners as well as exclusive Premium Seller fees . A premium member will also benefit from the following:

- Membership fees of only £24.99 per year

- Unlimited listings

- Unlimited photo uploads up to 2MB per photo

- No Listing Fees for the duration of you membership

- No additional fees

- 4% of final value fee including p&p

- 10% discount on chosen RigBag partners

By signing up as a member you will benefit from a quicker check out process and order tracking on purchases. Please note: we do not store any credit or debit card details.

How to set up your Seller account

To create a new account, click here or Sign up on the homepage.

The standard membership seller account is simple. If you have already created a buyer account then please go to My Account and click on Become a Seller in Marketplace.

If you need to set up a RigBag account please careully follow the instructions below:

- Go to Sign up and enter your first name and surname, email address, and choose a password. Please note your password must contain one capital letter, one special character & must be at least eight characters long

- As you create your account, select ‘Yes’ to the question: I want to become a seller and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Make sure you read the Terms and Conditions, before you proceed any further. Once you select ‘Yes’ to becoming a seller, you will be asked to choose a word to become the web address for your shop. This is used to create a unique web address for your shop which will appear similar to:…./marketplace/seller/profile/my-shop-name

You will then be able to share this link to your shop to share on social media and email to further promote your items for sale.

- When you are logged into your account, you will find your Seller Profile at the top of the Marketplace menu – you must complete this before you can advertise your items.

- The Seller Profile is divided into 3 sections:

- Shop setup information - see below

- PayPal Details – vital if you are going to receive payment when your items are sold! You will need a verified PayPal account and you enter your PayPal ID (normally the email address you have used to register with PayPal)

Once you have completed your seller profile you will have your own shop on RigBag to sell your items, so the shop information in the seller profile, helps you set this up:

- Enter your Twitter and Facebook ID’s if you have them, as this will allow you to post your adverts to your followers and friends to help publicise your items for sale. Make sure you follow RigBag on Twitter and Like us on Facebook and we will share your stuff too!

- Select a colour, if you would like your shop to have a background colour. Please note that this is in pantone coding, see our guide here.

- Enter your shop name to use as a title for your shop. Ideally this should be the same or similar to your web address name filled in whilst creating your seller account.

- If you would like a banner & logo for your shop, upload these files here. The logo is a good idea – you could use a photo or a picture, but it should be square (ideally 150 x 150 in size) The banner should be a rectangle shape (ideally XXX x XXX in size).

- Describe your shop or more about you, your interests and what you will be selling, in the About your store section

- Store keywords & descriptions are useful to help search engines like Google find your shop.

- The company view and company collection buttons are links to your shop and your product listings.

Your store is ready for selling. Now all you need to do is let people know about your store on and SELL! SELL! SELL!

Advertise your gear on RigBag

In order to advertise your gear on RigBag, you must have completed the first 3 steps of our ‘Become a Seller Guide’

- Have a verified PayPal account to receive secure payments.

- Have setup a RigBag account and read and agreed the Terms and Conditions

- Chosen a name for your shop and then completed your seller profile

If you have completed all 3 steps, congratulations you are now ready to sell!

Log in to your RigBag account here and go to My Account and choose New Products under the Marketplace menu.

We will guide you through the list of information you will need and explain some of the key fields. Read on or use the quick links to jump to the information you are interested in:

Product Categories

The Product Categories are the method by which you can define which part of the website your item will appear, and the grouping correlate to the main dropdown menus on the RigBag website.

Click on the ‘+’ sign next to the relevant category.

You can use the same method to click down through the structure of the website.

Next to each category is a tick-box click and tick all categories relevant to your item.

Your product will appear in the shop under the menus/categories you have selected.

Product Details

Enter the:

- Product Name: This is the name of the item you are selling (8-10 words maximum recommended)

- Short Description: This is a summary of all the key features (50 words maximum recommended)

- Description: Here you can give as much detail as you can on your item to help the seller understand what they are buying: The condition; any specific size or guidance; you could include links to product information; any limitations on where you are prepared to ship the item etc.

- SKU: Each item for sale needs a unique code. For example, you could use your initials and then a series of numbers or letters – you will see a ‘tick’ to confirm the code you have entered is unique.

Pricing Information

Enter the selling price for your item – don’t forget to include the cost of postage and packaging.

If you would like your item to stand out you have the optional following fields, which can be used to sell a product at a different price for a defined period of time and have your own ‘Sale’!

- Special price – enter the amount

- Special price from – the start date of the sale

- Special price to – the end date of the sale

The product will then automatically appear at the price, between these dates.

Stock Information

- Stock – enter the number of items like this that you are selling – normally 1

- Stock availability – should be set to ‘In Stock’ otherwise your item won’t display!

- Tax Class – when selling second-hand goods this should be set to ‘None’.


Weight should be set at 0 for all items for sale as the postage and packaging price is displayed with the price of the product.

Uploading your Photos

You can upload up to 2 images the first time you setup the product – extra images can be added later.

To upload the image to be used as the default image for your product,

- Click the Choose file button and select your picture

- To make this the primary image, click the Base Image button

To add a further image,

- Click the Add another image link and then the 2nd Choose File button. We recommend that you limit the size of your pictures to make it easy for buyers to view your products – less than 1MB or 1,000KB is ideal. If you want to shrink your pictures try the free tools on these websites:



Or if you use an apple device iPhoto will resize all your images. Please note, if your images are too large the site will not allow any action to happen.

Product Attributes

The product attributes help improve the ways that buyers can find your products, so they are important to complete as accurately as possible:

- Manufacturers: Select from the list, or choose ‘Other’ if your brand isn’t in the list. If you wish to add your specific brand to the standard list please email:

- Condition: You have three options, As New, Used, New.

- Gender: Male, Female, Girl, Boy, Unisex, N/A.

- Sport: You can select multiple sports by holding down the CTL key and clicking each of the sports that apply to your item.

- Size: See our sizing chart here, or select ‘see description’ from the list and add the relevant information to your product description.


Getting Paid

RigBag uses PayPal, to give you the reassurance of a secure payment process.

Please note: PayPal charge a seller fee on the amount received from any sales, see for further information.

How does RigBag deduct your fees?

Unlike eBay, you will not be invoiced from

At the point of sale RigBag will take 8% of final sale value including postage and packaging for standard memberships and 4% of final sale value including postage and packaging for premium memberships.


What happens if I am unable to honour a purchase?

If you are unable to honour a sale, contact the buyer instantly and discuss further action. If this persists your sellers account with will be put on hold.

How should I respond if a buyer does not receive the item?

Please make sure you track all your items whether your postage service is Royal Mail, courier or other services.

Why would I choose RigBag over other sites such as eBay and Gumtree?

Our fees are much lower than eBay’s fees. eBay charge 10% commission fee for their peer-to-peer sellers, whereas RigBag offers 8% for a standard membership and 4% for a premium membership. RigBag also offer a dedicated sporting community that know the true value of your items.

Who do I contact if I have a problem or query with

Please contact us on for any general queries or for any technical issues please contact - we will respond within 24 hours.

How do I become a manufacturer on

Please contact our sales team on They will discuss your requirements and support you through our on-boarding process.

How do I become a manufacturer on

Please contact our sales team on They will discuss your requirements and support you through our on-boarding process.

I run a club and would like to become a part of, how do I do this?

Sports clubs are welcome to use RigBag to sell things to their members and friends. This might include kit, club branded merchandise, membership or other payments. If you have any questions or would like help setting up your shop or find more information on how we can manage this for you, please contact our sales team on